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Born from International Electronics S.A. (IES) in 2009, Electrodrives quickly established itself as a manufacturer of excitation systems for hydroelectric plants. On the other hand, Electrodrives provided technical support to the large number of Slip Energy Recovery systems and Liquid Resistance Starters (LRS) installed by IES (SER Drives and LRS).


As leaders in specialized solutions for wound rotor induction motors, we offer a wide variety of products focused on the control and protection of these motors, among them are variable speed drives (SER drives), starters (Liquid Resistance Starters) or our new RotorProtek® starter control and protection system.

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Company History

Foundation Of IES

International Electronics SA (IES) founded by Dr Carlos Mañueco, former Chief Development Engineer of GE Spain.

IES developed its first LV soft starter for Rio Tinto / Abengoa (380V 380kW).

IES developed its first LV soft starter for Rio Tinto / Abengoa (380V 380kW).

1st Low Voltage VFD

IES developed in collaboration with Alstom Power, the first motor LV VFD (380V 600HP) for Degremont.

1st Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Manufactured the first MV soft starter (5kV 1,000kW) for Arcelor Mittal.

1st SER Drive

Commissioned the first SER Drive (rated 5kV 1,250kW) for Lemona Cement Plant. Initiation of the first generation of Slip Energy Recovery Drives.

1st Medium Voltage VFD

Commissioned the first MV VFD (3.3kV 1,300kW) for the test bench of Sulzer Pumps.

Wind Business Launch

Opening of a second manufacturing plant in Spain. Started series production of Full-Size Converters (FSC) for Gamesa/Made AE-5X wind turbines. In total, 481 units manufactured.

1st Medium Voltage 8,500kW Soft Starter

Three MV soft starters (6kV 8,500kW) for compressors developed for Siemens (Germany).

1st Medium Voltage SVC

First MV Static Var Compensation (SVC) developed for Schneider Electric (8,000kW).

Foundation Of Electro Drives S.L

Founded as an IES spin-off with new management to focus on customer technical support and hydropower generation systems.

Merge With IES

Electro Drives S.L. acquired International Electronics SA (IES) after its founder and Director (Dr Carlos Mañueco) passed away in 2017.