Oil and Gas

ElectroDrives provides equipment for petrochemical plants, refineries, gas pipeline boosting stations, pumping stations, etc. such as:

  • Variable frequency drives (VFD), solid-state soft starters (SSS) and squirrel cage motors (SCIM) for feed gas compressors, high-pressure pumps, plant feed pumps, backwash pumps, submersible pumps, drilling rigs, sucker rod pumps, progressive cavity pumps, oil pumps, water pumps, first-pass high-pressure compressors, etc.
  • Harmonics filters and capacitor banks for oil and gas plants to compensate reactive power generated by inductive loads and improve the power quality to fulfill the national grid regulations.

Water Industry

ElectroDrives takes part in a wide variety of water industry plants worldwide, such as desalination plants (i.e. reverse osmosis), purification plants, water-treatment plant (wastewater), regeneration plants, water pumping stations (supply and distribution), with the following products:

Cement Industry

ElectroDrives has a long experience in cement plants around the world, especially on their Slip Energy Recovery Systems (SER Drive, Wound Rotor/Slip Ring Motors and Liquid Resistor Starters). The main applications are kiln blowers or fans and kiln cement mills where the variable speed operation provides a notable efficiency improvement together with the possibility of redundancy to prevent any unplanned stop in the kiln.

Paper Industry

ElectroDrives has several references in the paper industry in Spain and abroad with their solid-state soft starters (SSS) and variable frequency drives (VFD), for pulp and paper mills, pumps, NASH pumps, mixers…

Steel Plants

ElectroDrives is present in a number of steel plants, especially in the North region of the Iberian Peninsula where this industry has a long tradition. ElectroDrives manufactures soft starters, VSD (Variable Speed Drives) as well as other energy management equipment (Static Var Compensation, Capacitor Banks, etc.). These plants include electric furnaces (EAF) recycling scrap, rolling mills, casting lines, fume treatment plants, etc.

Chemical Industry

Another sector with ElectroDrives presence is the chemical industry, where we manufacture soft starters, SER Drives, motors as well as reactive power compensation systems.