Solid State Soft Starter

Solid State Soft Starter

ElectroDrives’ soft starters operate on the acceleration/deceleration and the protection of medium voltage three-phase induction motors. Our Medium Voltage Soft-Starters are available on a 2.3 kV up to 20 kV voltage range, for applications that require a power of 200 kW up to 40,000kW.

Developed to ensure excellent performance, the soft starter minimizes the current surges on the motor starts, prevents mechanical shocks on the load and the motor, eliminates the water hammer during the pump stops and protects the electrical motor. Consequently, it reduces significantly the expenses of maintenance of bearings, couplings, gearboxes, pulleys, belts and chains, electrical circuits, etc.

Hence, the ElectroDrives soft starter is the complete prepackaged and engineered solution within security and reliability for several applications and diversified industrial segments.

The main advantages of the soft starter are:

  • Custom starting current, providing a linear speed ramp according to the load type connected to the motor
  • Very easy configuration and operation
  • Motor protection built-in in the standard soft starter (eliminating the need for extra protection relays)
  • Optional input sectioning/protection integrated (line contactor or circuit breaker)
  • Heavy-duty design up to 50 °C ambient temperature
  • Ground fault protection
  • Reduction of power demand during the start
  • Reduction of inrush current on the power supply during the start
  • Reduction of mechanical shocks during the start