Static Excitation System

Static Excitation System

The static excitation control EDEX offers a precise regulation of the excitation voltage in all kind of synchronous machines.

Full Flexibility

EDEX is able to adapt to all kind of applications, obtaining power factor control (cos φ), reactive power control, etc. Additionally it controls the generator during the synchronization process with the grid. It is also possible to adapt all interface signals according the requirements of your application.

Digital Control

The EDEX systems use digital control with microprocessor achieving full flexibility and accuracy. The systems are fully configurable with parameters to customize the control to your application through its graphics touch screen.


By using optimized thyristors for low conducting losses and hall-effect sensors for the current measurement, the EDEX systems achieve a very high efficiency and performance even at low load.

Customized support

ElectroDrives offers you our expert engineering team to assist you about the application and to support you during the specification phase of the equipment, ensuring the highest adaptation to your plant, reducing in this way the downtime during the installation and commissioning to avoid any interference with the operations in your plant.