In the challenging environment of copper, gold, platinum, nickel, and iron ore concentration plants, slip ring motors play a crucial role due to their ability to start with high motoring torque.

This prominent torque is indispensable for powering large-scale machines such as mills, crushers, HPGR (High Pressure Grinding Rolls), and conveyors, all of which are essential to mining operations.

With a rich history of serving this sector, Electrodrives has become the preferred solution for powering grinding mill applications, including SAG mills, ball mills, and vertical mills, using our Slip Energy Recovery drives and Liquid Resistance Starters.

Many industrial processes designed with legacy technologies do not benefit from variable speed operation. Electrodrives offers a service of upgrading or refurbishing existing systems that operate at fixed speed into ones capable of speed control, all with minimal cost and impact on production. This allows to improve process efficiency and the energy consumed to do so. An example of potential improvement is found in SAG mills, where speed control can increase the amount of ore processed, drastically reduce mill liner wear and energy consumption.


In the cement industry, slip ring motors are not just equipment; they are the backbone, driving critical applications such as kiln mills, fans, crushers, conveyors, and other heavy-duty machinery, ensuring operational continuity in a challenging environment. Particularly for kiln mills and fans, which are key in maintaining the material processing flow, the strength and reliability of our slip ring motors and Slip Energy Recovery drives have proven invaluable.

Electrodrives stands for cost savings, long-term benefits, and unparalleled support for the lifespan of your equipment, otien extending beyond four decades. With an unwavering commitment to sustaining your operations, we don’t just power machinery; we empower longevity, stability, and prosperity in your cement manufacturing endeavors.

Steelworks and other industries

Slip ring motors from Electrodrives are essential not just for mining and cement applications, but they also support a wide range of industries with their outstanding starting torque and flexibility. These motors are especially valued in shredders that require robust torque and quick control. Furthermore, they serve a broad spectrum of sectors, such as the pulp and paper, water treatment, and maritime industries. Particularly in equipment like pumps, compressors and blowers, our Slip Energy Recovery drives ensure maximum energy efficiency and cost savings.


In addition, though our energy management systems, we offer the possibility of optimizing all the equipment of your installation by solving problems of harmonics and electrical disturbances that destabilize the electrical network.

Renewable Energy

Electrodrives, through the acquired company International Electronics, started their involvement in the renewable energy sector in 2000 with the development of one of the first Full-Size Converters (FSC) for variable-pitch wind turbines in the world. In total, 481 wind turbines were produced for Made / Gamesa of type Made AE-52, Made AE-56 and Made AE-59, all rated 800kW.

Electrodrives provides services as OEM in many power converter systems for companies like Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, GE Renewable Energy, Nordex Acciona, Enercon, Senvion and others, including:

  • Power stack repair (inverter IGCT stacks, chopper stacks, rectifier stacks).
  • IGBT power modules and SCR power module repair.
  • Control boards repair, testing and verification.
  • Power converters repair, troubleshooting and upgrade for wind farms.