SER drive for SAG mill of a new gold mine project in Peru successfully completes FAT

We are pleased to announce that a successful factory test of a new SER drive for SAG mill has been completed. The drive will soon be installed in a new gold mine in Peru.

This innovative new SER drive is designed to provide improved performance and reliability for SAG mills, and the testing process was rigorous to ensure that it meets the high standards for quality and performance set by the company.

The drive passed all tests with flying colours, and the company is confident that it will perform exceptionally well in the field. This new gold mine project in Peru is an exciting opportunity for the company to showcase their latest technology and help their customers achieve even greater success.

The company would like to thank everyone involved in the development and testing of the SER drive for their hard work and dedication. They look forward to continuing to innovate and drive the industry forward with new and exciting technologies like this one.

Electrodrives awaits with enthusiasm the commissioning of the SER drive to fulfil its end-to-end commitment, ensuring seamless integration and operational excellence. This marks a crucial step towards delivering comprehensive solutions and solidifying our dedication to client success.


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