Harmonics Studies

Harmonics Studies

One of the most complex problems that a large plant can face, especially those with weak grid or island grid (off-grid), is effectively addressing the power quality of the grid, including:

  • Voltage and current harmonics and interharmonics distortion (THDv, THDi)
  • Mechanical and electrical resonances
  • Voltage stability, voltage fluctuation and flickers
  • Reactive power and power factor

The scope of ElectroDrives’ services regarding this issue includes:

  • Power quality measurements and analysis on-site at different operating conditions

  • Technical reports with analysis of the measurements (harmonics, resonances, flicker, etc.)

  • Evaluation of compliance with National Grid Codes, IEEE 519 recommendations and IEC/ISO/AS applicable standards

  • Simulation of electrical power systems with harmonics and non-linear loads

  • Consultation services and recommendation based on particular conditions of the installation

  • Specification, design and supply of active harmonics filters, passive harmonics filters or reactive power compensation banks

  • Testing and commissioning of the equipment on-site

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