Variable speed upgrade

Variable speed upgrade

One of the main methods to increase the efficiency of processes in existing plants (by reducing the electrical consumption and by improving the output of the process) is the conversion of the large machines in the plant from fixed speed operation into variable speed. In most cases, the payback period for these upgrades is lower than 2 years with a return of investment (ROI) above 30% for installations operating at least 4 years more.

Typical applications of variable speed upgrade with the highest ROI include SAG mills (gold mines, copper mines, platinum mines), kiln fans (cement plants), blowers (steel plants), water pumps (pumping stations), etc.

ElectroDrives provides a complete turnkey solution to these upgrades at an affordable cost which includes all necessary steps in the project, including:

  • Technical calculation of savings for the feasibility study

  • Full scope of equipment, including VFD or SER Drive depending on the motor existing technology

  • Containerized solutions (e-house) for an easy and fast integration

  • Installation supervision and commissioning

Some of the options include the possibility of financing the investment with OPEX instead of CAPEX by renting the containerized variable speed system or sharing the cost-saving benefit during the initial period, which helps to reduce the uncertainty.

Please do not hesitate to inquire about your particular application.