Power quality analysis

We perform complete network quality measurements using equipment that complies with IEC 6100-4-30 class A standards. The parameters on which we advise are:
  • Harmonics currents and voltages up to 50th
  • THD of current and voltage according IEC 61000-4-7
  • Current and voltage interharmonics.
  • Superharmonics in ranges from 2kHz up to 9kHz.
  • Phasers, power factor, transients, flickering, unbalances, load changes
  • Voltage and current waveform during transients Analyses are performed according to the specified standards such as IEC61000-2-2, EN 50160, IEEE 519, GOST 33073...
Analyses are performed according to the specified standards such as IEC61000-2-2, EN 50160, IEEE 519, GOST 33073...

LRS upgrade kit

Electrodrives offers the possibility to upgrade already installed liquid resistance rheostats (LRS) by integrating RotorProtek®. Unlike traditional slip ring motor LRS that relied on basic control techniques with limited protection features, this upgrade kit allows you to unify the high efficiency of wound rotor motors with the latest control and protection technology. Some of the LRS that offer the possibility to implement RotorProtek® are CSE-Uniserve, Gino-AKA, MKS-Anlasser, AOIP, RWW Engineering, Sumintec, NHP and others.

Variable speed conversion

The SER drive is also available as a containerized solution, complete with an e-room equipped with a cooling system tailored to the installation climate, lighting, fire protection, etc. This design streamlines the installation and commissioning process, enabling an upgrade from fixed speed to variable speed in just two days of downtime. The options available are:
  • 20-feet ISO High Cube container for HyperDrive® Ion and RecoveryDrive® Eco
  • 40-feet ISO High Cube container for HyperDrive® Max, Dual and Dual Max.
producto Serdrive

Technical support

Remote Services

  • Repair of key components such as power stacks (IGCTs or IGBTs) and control boards
  • Specialized training on power converters, SER drives, liquid resistance rheostats at our facilities in Madrid (Spain) or by videoconference
  • Upgrading of obsolete PLC and HMI control systems to modern systems
  • Global remote support 24h 365 days a year

On Site Services

  • Installation and commissioning supervision
  • Preventive maintenance and repair at customer's facility.
  • Training courses for personnel
  • Risk assessment and spare parts audit
Access to technical service with guaranteed response time and service priority through our regular preventive maintenance plan or with our service contracts.