The ultimate motor control system. Starts your motor through pre-configured curves and ensures its protection with advanced continuous monitoring functions. Designed to protect and extend the life of your motor while reducing the number of mechanical components repairs.

RotorProtek® is a controller capable of calculating motor speed and torque by measuring only instantaneous rotor currents without the need for additional sensors, enabling the integration of advanced control and protection features. Motor starts are no longer dependent on load, electrolyte temperature or grid conditions. Start your motor according to a configured curve. Protect the slip ring chamber and gearbox using torque control and conditioning monitoring techniques. Analyze starts and decide how do you want to start your motor. All this information connected to your SCADA system and accessible from your smartphone without the need for cables or additional sotfware.

Main features

  • TransducerMeasures motor speed, rotor RMS current and motor torque without the need for external sensor.
  • Motor rotor protectionFeatures advanced motor protection relay with alarms and trip thresholds to prevent damage to slip rings and the drivetrain.
  • Starts and events logger and analysisEvery start is recorded, and a smart analysis is provided to determine that the system is operating in optimal conditions.
  • Conditioning monitoringProactively identifies potential failures through smart analysis of the motor's performance over time.


  • Closed-loop speed/torque controlGain complete control over your motor's speed and torque, tailoring the starting profile to your process requirements.
  • LRS full protection packageSeamlessly integrate RotorProtek® into the LRS, eliminating the need for external PLCs or alternate controllers.
  • Grinding mill protectionOffers blocked-charge protection, protection against dual pinion imbalances, and controlled rollback capabilities.

RotorProtek® offers an intuitive method of communications, allowing the user to set up, monitor or service the starter with just a smartphone, tablet or computer. No additional apps or sotiware is required; simply connect to the device with your preferred web browser to access all available features. Communication is possible without the need for internet access and at a distance of up to 20 meters with the starter panels closed.

Interface and connections


RotorProtek® Go Easy Smart Pro
Max. motor power 2000 kW 5000 kW 7000 kW 2×20000 kW
Max. motor rotor current 1000 A 1400 A 2000 A 4000 A
Rotor current measurements 1-phase 2-phases
Transducer: Motor speed
Rotor RMS current
Motoring torque

Motor rotor protection
Starts and events logger/analysis
Conditioning monitoring
Closed-loop speed/torque control
LRS full protection package
Grinding mill protection*
Supply voltage +/-24Vdc or +/-15Vdc
Current sensor type Open-loop or closed-loop hall-effect
Digital signals 8-inputs, 10-relay outputs
Analogue signals (2) 0-10V inputs, (3) 0-10V outputs, (1) PT-100
Local configuration and service Wi-Fi AP 2.4GHz compatible iOS, Android, Windows
Field communications Modbus (standard), Ethernet IP or ProfiNet
Other communications Dual link
Environmental conditions
Ambient temperature -20ºC to +60ºC, no frost
Relative humidity 5% to 95% non condensing
Enclosure and dimensions Stainless steel AISI-304, 246 x 150 x 41 mm
Electromagnetic compability Directive 2014/30/EU

*Includes blocked-charge protection and pinions unbalance