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107, 2021

Variable speed upgrade of Ban Houayxai SAG mill completed

Last week, the commissioning of the variable speed upgrade for the SAG mill of PanAust’s Ban Houayxai Gold-Silver Operation in Laos was completed. Existing mines can now easily upgrade their processes by converting fixed speed mills into modern variable speed mills. The variable speed operation improves the efficiency in grinding [...]

1503, 2021

New 6500 kW SER Drive for a SAG mill finishes the FAT at ElectroDrives’ premises

Last February we successfully completed in our Madrid plant the FAT of a new SER Drive (Slip Energy Recovery Drive) for a 6500kW SAG mill. This drive will allow the mill to operate at variable speed, increasing the efficiency of the grinding process. The project includes a fully containerized solution [...]

509, 2019

ElectroDrives completes the commissioning of a Harmonics Filter for Riotinto mine

ElectroDrives has completed the commissioning of a 20kV 20,000kVAr Outdoor Harmonics Filter of Riotinto mine. The new filter is intended to compensate the harmonics and reactive power generated by the Cycloconverter that operates the 23MW Wrap Around Motor (or Gearless Motor Drive, GMD) of the new open circuit SAG mill [...]

1904, 2019

ElectroDrives acquires International Electronics (IES)

ElectroDrives is glad to announce that have concluded the acquisition of the company International Electronics S.A. (IES). The acquisition was the result of exercising the exclusive call option signed in July 2018 to acquire all assets of IES. New combined business will operate under ElectroDrives company name but will maintain [...]

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