Starters and variable speed drives for slip ring motors

Since 1984, Electrodrives has been pioneer in Liquid Resistance Starters (LRS) and Slip Energy. Recovery drives (SER drives) for slip ring motors.

Today, our large experience and cuting-edge designs make us the industry leader, offering the most sophisticated solutions on the market.

Why Slip Ring Motors? The Unseen Advantage

Slip ring motors, otien overshadowed by their more common counterparts, hold a treasure trove of benefits that make them the ideal choice in several industrial applications.

Superior Starting Capabilities: Unlike standard motors, slip ring motors offer high starting torque with low starting current. This means smoother starts, less stress on your system, and a longer lifespan for the motor.

Unmatched Energy Efficiency: Combining the motor with a Slip Energy Recovery drive (SER drive), the system reaches the highest efficiency achievable for electrical motors in variable speed applications, as the SER drive is capable to recover the slip energy out of the motor and effectively redirecting it back into the grid.

Durability in Harsh Conditions: Built to withstand tough environments, these motors are less susceptible to wear, and tear compared to others. This resilience translates to fewer downtime.

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Control and protection device for wound rotor motor with advance communications


Second generation of liquid resistance starter for wound rotor motor with speed and torque control


Slip Energy Recovery drive design to control the wound rotor motor speed in constant torque applications


Slip Energy Recovery drive design to control the wound rotor motor speed in quadratic torque applications

Energy management systems

Electrodrives design and manufactures the necessary equipment to balance the reactive power and power quality requirements to comply with IEEE 519 recommendation in your plant. This includes:

  • Fixed Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks
  • Multi-Stage Automatic Medium Voltage Capacitor Banks Static Var Compensation (SVC)
  • Static Var Compensation (SVC)
  • Medium Voltage Harmonics Filters

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SER drive for SAG mill of a new gold mine project in Peru successfully completes FAT

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