FlexStarters Flex+60 Duo and Flex+25 for SAG and ball mills successfully completes FAT

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed FAT testing for the Flex+60 Duo and Flex+25 liquid resistance starters, designed for implementation in the SAG and ball mills at a mine in southern Africa. These units have passed rigorous quality and performance tests at our facilities.

In addition, with the integration of RotorProtek® technology in both models, our customer will be able to enjoy the following main advantages:

Advanced Monitoring and Control: The integration of RotorProtek® allows for real-time monitoring of startups, enabling any potential problems to be quickly identified and addressed.

Motor and Mill Protection: The ability to monitor and control starts with RotorProtek® provides advanced protection for wound rotor motors (WRIM) and grinding mills, helping to prevent costly damage and unplanned downtime.

We look forward to the final milestone of commissioning as part of our end-to-end commitment.  We thank everyone involved in this project and look forward to continuing to provide excellence in technology and service to our customers around the world.


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