New 5800 kW SER drive has successfully completed FAT tests

Recently, it has been conducted factory acceptance tests (FAT) on a new SER drive that will soon be installed in a nickel concentration plant in Zambia. The new equipment will be responsible for controlling the 5800 kW SAG mill motor, providing the system with variable speed control. This technological upgrade will bring about several significant benefits compared to the fixed-speed method:

  1. Increased mill processing capacity: Thanks to variable speed control, the mill’s performance will be optimized, resulting in a fair increase in processing capacity. This means that the plant will be able to handle larger volumes of material in less time, thus improving overall operational efficiency and productivity.
  1. Reduction in energy costs: The ability to adjust the motor speed according to specific processing demands will allow for more efficient energy management. By dynamically adapting to load conditions and production requirements, energy waste will be minimized, leading to significant savings in electricity-related operating costs.
  1. Increased lifespan of mill liners: Variable speed control also plays a crucial role in preserving mill liners. By adjusting the speed to maintain optimal operation, excessive wear of the liners will be reduced, thereby extending their lifespan, and minimizing the need for costly repairs and replacements.

We are proud to see an increasing number of customers placing their trust in the most advanced and cost-effective technology for their milling operations. This advancement represents a significant step towards continuous improvement and excellence in the industrial sector.


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