Energy management

Optimize the performance of your plant and equipment with our energy management solutions. Design a specific solution to solve the problems of network harmonics, reactive power, power factor, unbalances and electrical disturbances with our harmonic filters, capacitor banks and static VAR compensators (SVC) combining robust passive systems with intelligent controls tailored to your requirements.
  • energy_management_gestión_de_energía_objetivo
    Reaches a high-power factor, avoiding penalties from the supplier due to reactive power consumption
  • energy_management_gestión_de_energía_red_grid
    Obtain a greater voltage stability, energy transmission capacity and lower losses in the network
  • energy_management_gestión_de_energía_peligro
    Avoid problems caused by the resonance and amplification of disturbances

Our products

  • Fixed Medium Voltage capacitor banks
  • Multi-stage automatic Medium Voltage capacitor banks
  • Static VAR Compensation (SVC)
  • Medium Voltage harmonics filters
  • Low Voltage harmonics filters

*Equipment can be offered for metal-enclosed or open rack configurations.


Types of stages



Capacitor bank and harmonics filter
Metal-enclosed Open rack
Rated voltage 1.5…6.6 kW 6.7…13.8 kV 14…24 kV 6.0…13.8 kV 14…24 kV 24…36 kV
Nominal power rating 1…10 MVAr 2…20 MVAr 4…30 MVAr 2…50 MVAr 4…100 MVAr 5…200 MVAr
Basic insulation level (BIL) 75 kV 110 kV 150 kV 95 kV 125 kV 150 kV
Bank configuration Fixed, switched single, multi-step, or SVC (static VAR compensation)
System connection Grounded Wye, floating Wye, delta, double Wye
Short circuilt level 12 kA … 63 kA for 1 s.
Protection Outdoor (IP54) or Indoor (IP43) Outdoor
Enclosure / structure Painted steel or stainless steel (option) Hot dipped galvanized steel
Ambient temperature -15°C to 45°C -40°C to 50°C
Filter types De-tuned, single tune, multi-tune, high-pass, C-type
Type Single capacitor or 3-phase capacitors with built-in discharge resistor
Fusing Externally fused, fuseless, internally fused (self-healing)
Dielectric Metalized polypropylene film
Container Stainless steel
Inrush type Single phase air-core
Detuning/filter type 1-phase or 3-phase air-core or iron-core 1-phase air-core
Contactors and switches 3-phase vacuum contactor up to 400A
Isolator + ground switch Air-insulated 3-phase
Power factor control Configurable digital controller or fully flexible algorithm with PLC and HMI
Protection Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, unbalance, overtemperature